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Stephen Marshall – A Passion for God

In a world that’s infatuated with change, Stephen Marshall is a
singer and songwriter who is irreverent of this culture’s confidence to evolve into something better. The passion behind his guitar heavy songs is God’s expression through Christ and His Word. Growing up with a drug addicted father, poverty and many of the abuses that are part of that life, Stephen knows well that people need hope, but a real hope. Rescued from destruction himself, you will recognize the authentic drive in his music to lead others to that life transforming power.

He has received TWO Covenant awards and has had numerous top 10’s and two songs that reached number #2 on hit radio and stayed there for five weeks!
Stephen is the founder of the popular I AM A SON EVENTS. Many hearts have been infused with hope because of his music and words.

Author of popular book ‘YOU MAKE MY DAY’

Stephen’s story will touch your heart to the inner core. As a boy he learned that even in the midst of adversity, Jesus could provide peace, Joy and unconditional love: God is a Father to the fatherless. This set the course for Stephen’s life and music. Stephen’s life and music is a living tribute to His true Father God!

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