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The Rock Church & World Outreach Center

The Rock Church & World Outreach Center


The Rock is a large church that has a weekly attendance that ranges from 13,000 to 14,500 people. On our active rolls we have over 21,000 adherent attendees that call The Rock their home church.  God has truly blessed this ministry from their small beginnings of just 12 people back in 1988.

Their main campus is located in San Berandino,CA.  They also have 4 other locations:

  • The Rock Church of Coachella Valley
  • The Rock Church of Desert Hotsprings
  • The Rock Church of Temecula Valley
  • The Rock Church of South Riverside

While the style and appearance may be different than our main location the heart and passion remain the same. Visit there website’s for more information and directions.

They stand together proclaiming “The Inland Empire Shall Be Saved”.

They make sure they give an opportunity for all to come to know the Lord every service with an altar call.    They are located in the inner-city and are open & willing to accept all of God’s children.  They try to convey a family atmosphere and greet those attending as they come and as they leave.  Like many across this country, foreclosures have really affected their church family.  Fortunately for us, God is in control and he will take care of his children.

Senior Pastors

Pastor Jim Cobrae is a dynamic man of God who has been in the Lord’s service for over 30 years pastoring. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the United States, The Rock Church and World Outreach Center.


Pastor Jim’s wonderful sense of humor and powerful teachings will inspire and instruct you in Kingdom principles for victorious living. His practical and honest teaching has assisted tens of thousands to come to Jesus Christ and see their lives changed forever. Pastor Jim Cobrae shares both life and ministry with his wife Deborah. He has four children and many wonderful grandchildren.

He’s not one into self promotion and has refused numerous opportunities for national television, and international ministry opportunities.  He’s dedicated to shepherding his flock of believers at him home church.   His advice to other pastors is to have a heart for the lost.  If you have that,


Deborah Cobra is a powerful minister and travels throughout the country as well as internally.  Some compare her with Christine Kane from Hillsong.


Worship Pastor – David Archibeck

New Picture (2)David Archibeck is the Worship Pastor at The Rock Church since August 2003.  His wife Dionne directs all the vocals for our team & leads worship for Women’s Ministries.  He also teaches at The Rock Bible College.  He’s passionate worship and recognizes the utmost value and responsibility of leading people into His presence. 

He and his wife Dionne were born in New Mexico and have two children.  They have traveled and led worship throughout the United States.  In 2003, they were called the The Rock Church and World Outreach Center and have been there ever since.  It’s clear to anyone who gets the chance to speak with David that his heart if focused on God.  His passion and excitement for God & his Church cultivate an atmosphere of Praise & Worship. 


Worship team Member Gina Foglio Walden

New PictureGina has been recording music since she was 10.  She previously worked with Nsoul Records as an artist on several solo projects as well as the Nitro Praise Series.  She’s glad she left the music industry.  Touring & promotional schedules left little time for connection & growth in her home church.  After she left the Christian music industry, Gina didn’t want to have anything to do with music anymore.  Fortunately, God had different plans for her.  She had visited the Rock Church in their early years and in later years felt a call to get involved with their worship team.

Gina is married and had kids.  Gina’s first child was healthy and thought raising kids was easier than one might imagine.  However, her 2nd child was diagnosed with severe autism.  The diagnosis happened shortly after her mother passed away.   It was devastating news and was a true test of faith.  Proverbs Chapter 3 verses 5 & 6 state: Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.   In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  She remained faithful to her God.  God truly knows how to turn our test into a testimony.  Her son is now healed.  He speaks, goes to a normal school, and is excelling above others in his grade.  God is amazing and always takes care of his children.  Gina shared a inspirational story that happened as a result of her autism story.  A woman in Pakistan had a child with autism and was ready to commit suicide.  God intervened and  her life was saved & changed.  Many women connect with her due to her son’s autism.  She wrote a song as a result of the test she went through.  It’s called “Everything is Gonna Be Alright”.  It’s included on the new worship project “Great Is Your Grace”.


Outreach & Conferences


Food Outreach New Picture (1)They have an amazing Food Outreach Ministry.  Their food warehouse fed over 750,000 people in the last year.  I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of such a ministry with the size & structure to touch so many lives.   The warehouse is over 8500 square feet.  They have a large walk-in refrigerator to house perishable foods as well as tractor trailers to bring in the food & hygiene products.


One ministry they offer that few churches do is in office weddings.  They provide this ministry primarily for recent converts who want to make their relationship s right in the sight of the Lord.  It’s just one of the many ways they cultivate growth for their members in their relationship with the Lord.


This is a dynamic outreach ministry that takes food, an exciting children’s program, and street teams into the inner cities of our valley with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. We take teams into the projects and economically challenged areas with food, games, lots of fun, and prizes for the children. The adults are loved, prayed for, and given food. The day after the outreach our buses are sent to bring those who want to come to church. We have seen thousands come to Jesus through this awesome outreach.

Currently we host two annual events. In the fall is our “Back-to-School-Bash” where thousands of back packs loaded with school supplies are given away to children and youth who will attend the first day of school on an even playing field. We throw them a God sized party with tons of prizes and candy. The event closes with hundreds of bags of food going home with the families.

Winter brings “Christmas At The Rock” where Rock-In-The-Streets takes thousands of stockings to the streets of the Inland Empire. These huge stockings are loaded with toys, candy, and tons of love! Give of yourself for the betterment of someone else!


Ministers Conference

The pastor also decided to have a ministers conference.  He wanted to impart some of the wisdom God has instilled in him over the years, to new & small churches looking for direction & growth.  They were only expecting about 50 ministers to attend.  However, God knows how to increase.  They were blessed with an attendance of over 700 ministers from around the world.


The Car Exchange
The Rock Church and World Outreach Center accepts donated cars in good running condition and distributes them to members of the church who are without transportation.   They offer them to qualified, low-income members, many who are single parents.  This is just another one of the many excellent outreach programs they have established.


Other Outreach Ministries

They offer outreaches for special needs children & adults as well as seniors & nursing / assisted living residents.  They offer many other types of ministries and outreaches to their community & church family as well.


The list of ministries that are available is quite impressive.  In these hard economic times, these ministries provide not only to the spiritual need of the church family & community but also to the physical needs as well.



Worship Team

The worship team has a family atmosphere.  Unlike many churches set in their ways, they are willing to put preferences aside to reach the lost for Jesus and minister the way people need to hear  it.  They have a family atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home.  The excitement about what God is doing in their midst that David & Gina exude is infectious.  The variety of musical styles is a rarity in today’s worship teams.  Here are just a few of the many styles they have : gospel, reggae, alternative, modern worship.  If you’re blessed enough and are in their area, be sure to check out this awesome worship in person.  If not, check out their YouTube videos or order their great new project Great is Your Grace.



Great is your Grace Project

 David felt a call to do the project.  He was encouraged by several to pursue it including : Christian recording artist T-Bone,  Senior Pastor Jim Cobrae  and his wife Deborah.  They enlisted some awesome talent from Nashville to assist on the project including:

The project was produced by Mark G. Townsend. Mark has worked with artists such as Grammy award winners Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey, worship leader Ricardo Sanchez, Cindy Cruz Ratcliff from Lakewood Church, and many others.


Musicians included :

Drums: Dan Needham. Dan has played with artist such as Israel Houghton, CeCe Winans, Michael W. Smith, Michael McDonald, the Neville Brothers, Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin, Garth Brooks, Kathy Mattea, and many others.

Bass: Anthony Sallee. Formerly with the Christian band White Heart, Anthony has toured with Christian artists like Michael W. Smith, Wes King and Amy Grant.

Violin: John Wineglass, an acomplished composer and producer.

Electric Lead Guitar: Frank DeBretti

Electric Lead Guitar 2: Cameron Ruffin

Electric Guitar 3: Phil Davis

Keys: Mark Townsend, Elijah Carrillo, David Archibeck

Thirteen original songs were sung by six different worship leaders at The Rock Church and lead by worship pastor David Archibeck.

It’s an amazing project and we hope to feature a review of the project soon as well.

For more information on The Rock Church & World Outreach Center
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